Death, Cancer Update, Married, Age, Net Worth, First Wife

Death, Cancer Update, Married, Age, Net Worth, First Wife

Who is Dr. Jeff?

Born Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Young on the 14th April 1956, in Indiana USA, he is a veterinarian who came to prominence after being featured in the reality show “Dr. Jeff – Rocky Mountains Vet”, which airs on Animal Planet since 2015. He is the founder and owner of the veterinarian clinic Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood International.

Do you want to learn more about Dr. Jeff, from his early childhood to most recent career endeavors and his personal life? If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we are about to bring you closer to one of the most renowned veterinarians in the world.

Dr. Jeff Wiki: Early Life, Parents, Education

Jeff grew up on a farm, where he fell in love with animals; he is the child of divorced parents, and his mother, Ester Stevens, remarried and Jeff spent his childhood with his stepfather and step-brother Jay. Growing up on a farm helped him learn about various animals, and he would often bring home injured animals to treat them until their recovery. Upon matriculation from high school, Jeff enrolled at Colorado State University from which he graduated in 1989 with a veterinary medicine degree.

Career Beginnings

Once he was out of the University, Jeff started his clinic Planned Pethood Plus, which tended animals at low prices. His business began to grow, and he managed to expand to not only taking care of pets, but also rescues injured wild animals. His love for animals and nose for business has taken him to other counties too, including Slovakia and Mexico, where he has opened clinics under the name Planned Pethood International.

Rise to Prominence

As Jeff’s career progressed, his business was becoming more successful, and he caught the eye of television producers from Animal Planet. He and his crew received an offer to partake in a new reality TV series, that will follow their daily endeavors. Jeff, of course, accepted the offer, and “Dr. Jeff – Rocky Mountain Vet” was created. The show premiered on the 11th July 2015, and since then Jeff and his crew have featured in 23 episodes, showcasing some of the most interesting cases that involve animals, both domestic and wild. Thanks to the series, Jeff became a TV star, and gained thousands of fans across the world.

Jeff Young Cancer Diagnosis, is Jeff Dead?

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Back in 2016, Jeff received terrible news, which he passed on to his fans during one of the episodes of the reality show; he was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma. When he was hospitalised, the doctors found an 8cm mass in his lungs, and Jeff had to undergo chemotherapy and cut his trademark long hair, becoming completely bald. Luckily, since the therapy, Jeff has recovered completely, and his show is now renewed for the fourth season.

Jeff Young Net Worth

Since launching his career, Jeff has treated thousands of animals, but it is his work on television that made him so famous. His success hasn’t really made him wealthy, so let’s just see how rich Jeff Young is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, Jeff Young’s net worth is estimated at over $200,000. Pretty decent don’t you think?

Jeff Young Personal Life, Wife, Children, Marriage, First Wife

Posted by Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet on Sunday, April 2, 2017

What do you know about Jeff in his personal life? Well, Jeff has been married to his second wife Petra Mickova since 2014. The couple doesn’t have children of their own, but Jeff has three children from his previous relationships, including a daughter Melody, who is also a part of the clinic and series as well. Unfortunately, no information has been made available about Jeff’s first wife. Petra is from Slovakia, and came to the USA to work for Dr. Jeff. She, like Jeff, fell in love with animals at an early age and would study to receive a veterinary medicine degree. Her first job was at Jeff’s clinic, and as the time passed, their relationship grew from business to romance, eventually resulting in marriage. She has remained with Jeff through his hardships, and has done all to make life easier for him during his painful times. Jeff is now fully recovered, and the two continue to operate the Planned Pethood clinic.

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