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Joshua Safran Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 75 kg
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Favorite Hobby

Joshua Safran is an American television writer/executive producer, screenwriter and director who shot to fame after being the executive producer as well as writer for The CW teen drama TV show Gossip Girl (2007–2012). He went on to work in the same capacity in various other television programs including the Netflix musical series Soundtrack (2019), for which he was the creator and director too. Joshua has also been the writer for a number of movies like the romantic drama Endless Love (2014). Safran has amassed more than 15k followers on Instagram.

Born Name

Joshua Safran

Alternate Names

Josh Safran, Josh Safron


In June 2021, he was 47 years old.





He went to the Horace Mann School. After that, he graduated from The New York University Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Playwriting.


Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Director




6 ft or 183 cm


75 kg or 165 lbs

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation

Gay, having come out at the age of 19

Distinctive Features

  • Expressive eyes
  • Sharp nose
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Joshua Safran Favorite Things

  • Place – South Salem in New York, having wanted to keep going there
  • Pet – His dog named Caine
  • Hobby – Cooking, having prepared delicious items like tarts

Source – Instagram, Instagram, Instagram

Joshua Safran Facts

  1. He has recollected that by the age of 12, he had been obsessed with the 1980s drama television series Thirtysomething. He had related to it as it was the first time ever that he had watched a gay relationship on screen.
  2. Joshua has always been fascinated by excessive amounts of wealth. He was surrounded by it while growing up, as he would observe as an outsider, while going to a renowned private school in Manhattan. During his youth he resided in the Upper East Side, at a time where being gay was not acknowledged that had led him to feel removed. Joshua was also aware that he did not have all the money and luxuries that the other children did. He used to live in a post-war building on the second floor and take the subway, while the other kids were taking chauffer-driven BMWs and dwelling in brownstones or 740 Park. His allowance per week would be $5 a week, with that of his friends’ being a stark contrast of $80.
  3. Safran has disclosed that when the Gossip Girl team approached him and asked if he would want to do the show, he had not been sure. He had pals who have been teachers at private schools in the Upper East Side, and he had happened to be always intrigued in that world and had craved to write something about it at some point. He was highly interested in looking at those schools from the teachers’ angle that he knew had not been done. He came up with the idea of merging that into the version of Gossip Girl, and explore the entirely new avenue.
  4. Joshua has explained that the distinct change in tone when the reboot of Gossip Girl is compared to the original, has been simply due to the change in time. The original had been soapy, with a heightened fairy tale universe. The reboot however, have been enjoyed too for being more grounded while still managing to include twists. Safran has found the reboot to be more HBO. When the first one had premiered, it had been the era of Desperate Housewives where it was fun watching how rich people had problems too, the interest having waned away, with easy access to the lifestyles of the wealthy via platforms like Instagram.
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