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Kristina Farkasova is married to Peter Torma

Kristína Farkasova is a renowned actress, singer, dramaturge, presenter, and stand-up comedian. Her skills are not limited to these as she is also a blogger and naïve art painter.

Farkasova has appeared in many movies and is also a notable author of a few books. Her personal life, however, has always been under the shadow.

Kristína Farkasova’s Personal Life

Kristina Farkasova has had a wonderful career. However, the personal life of the 37 years’ old actress is kept quite a secret.

Current and Past Relationships

Kristina Farkasova is a married woman. She has married twice, once with Kamil Mikulcik and another with Peter Torma.

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At the moment, Kristina is in a marital bonding with the love of her life, Peter Torma, who is the co-owner of a T-shirt company. The duo probably met during a business meet and the two quickly became friends before getting married.

The pair walked down the aisle around May 28, 2019. The duo revealed their rings on that day via their Instagram.

The duo seems to be together since February 2019. How do we know? Well, her partner Peter once took to his IG to publish his love for his partner.

The couple has a son together, Alanko Torma who was born recently on 29 July 2019. She took the time to post a picture of her newborn on Instagram.

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My sme vám vlastne chceli s @peco.torma povedať, že sa nám pred dvoma týždňami narodil (ch)Alanko. . Akože povedali by sme vám to aj skôr, ale taaaak nám dobre bolo v tej našej bubline. 🙌🏻♥️ . Pán Alan Torma, nech je Ti tu s nami bájo. . Ďakujeme 🙌🏻♥️🦄 za krásny čas, kedy sme si naplno a plnšie užili príchod človiečika..spolu s našimi najbližšími ľúbidlami a kamarátmi. Užili sme si zamilovávanie v kľude, intímite, spolu, v láske a s obrovskou vďakou za tento zázrak, ktorý k nám pricestoval (i s hormónama 🤦🏼‍♀️😂). Je to srandista, že si za rodičov vybral práve nás, o tom niet pochýb. 🤦🏼‍♀️🦄🌈🤹🏼‍♂️ A teraz, kedy už pekných pár dní brázdime ulice Bratislavy, hlásime do sveta krásy aj cez tento virtuálny svet. . Fotka je ešte z prvého dňa doma a treba skonštatovať, že mám odvtedy menšie brucho a väčšieho syna. Oba fakty sú vyhovujúce. . #somtrojmama #chAlanko #dakujem #sommama

A post shared by kristina tormova (@kristina.tormova) on

Well, now, the lady keeps on posting photos with her newborn on her Instagram and other socials. Let’s just hope the duo lives a blissful relationship.

Past Relationships

Kristina Farkasova, before, getting married to Peter was in a relationship with Jojka Juraj Hajdin. Kristina and Juraj have twins together, Matilda Hajdin and Elu Hajdin.

The duo never married to each other but was living together as a family. After being together for 3 years, Farkasova and Hajdin gave birth to twins. They later separated and Kristina received the custody of their twins.

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Her first marriage was with Kamil Mikulcik, a Slovak singer. Kristina and Kamil first met when they started out in the show business. Farkasova said that she knew that Kamil was her man the moment she laid eyes on him.

The duo eventually started dating. Kamil proposed Kristina thrice and finally, at his third attempt, they decided to walk down the aisle.

The news of their marriage shocked everyone as they were planning it for several years. The duo settled down in a house near Bratislava after their marriage. Whatever that maybe, the duo separated within a year.

Kristína Farkasova’s Net Worth

Kristina Farkasova has appeared in many notable movies with many notable Slovak actors. She has amassed a decent amount of wealth from her outstanding career.

Net Worth and Earnings

Kristina has an estimated net worth of $300,000. The average salary of a professional actor in Slovakia is $35,000. Most of her net worth comes from her career in movies.

Earnings from Books and Merchandise

Kristina is the author of the book Som Mama. The book costs $16.41 on the US market. Farkasova gets a certain percent royalty from the sale of every book.

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The mother of three also has a line of merchandise. She sells her book-themed iPhone covers which costs $25.32 and likewise, sweatshirts costing $63.86.

Earnings from Social Media

Kristina is an avid user of social media like Facebook and Instagram. She has 84,112 followers on Facebook and 101k followers on Instagram. She makes around $306 – $510 from every sponsored post on Instagram.

From this particular post, Kristina made an estimated amount of $305. She is encouraging her fans to shop for high-quality products in YEME full-length foods.

Here’s another sponsored post from which she made an estimated amount of $307. She is promoting a breastfeeding tea brand in the picture.

Kristína Farkasova’s Body Measurements

Kristina Farkasova stands tall with a stunning height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 60 kg. She has a pair of brown eyes perfectly complemented by her blonde hair.

Quick Facts: Kristína Farkasova

  • Kristína Farkasova studied dramaturgy at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and at Faculty of Theater in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • She is a regular member of the Naive Theater Radosina in Bratislava.
  • Farkasova has made guest appearances for The Drama Club in Prague.
  • Kristina received a Czech Lion nomination as the Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2011 for her role in the movie Pouta.

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