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Mizu Towel Review

Being healthy is the key to good living. But due to pollution, the chance of falling sick increases. We do a lot of things to keep ourselves clean and germ-free so that we don’t fall ill. But little do we care about the towel we use every day. Have you ever wondered how important it is to keep your towel clean all the time?

When we wipe our face or body with a towel, our sweat, body oil and bacteria or other germs can get into the towel. Also, when the towel stays wet for a long time, bacteria grows fast. We don’t clean towels every time we wipe our face or body. So, how do we know whether the towel is clean or dirty?

The bacteria are very small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. So, even if there are bacteria in your towel, you won’t be able to notice it. Mizu Towel is a smart towel and it can detect bacteria and tell you about its presence by changing its color. Here, we are going to review Mizu Towel and find out why it’s worth buying.


These towels have a very smart design. It is dark gray with light blue on the side. You can also get it in a light blue color. The light blue stripes changes to pink color when there are impurities in the towel. It is coated with pure and natural silver that works as an antimicrobial.

This simple design is appealing to many users. The towel is thick and soft, so you will feel very comfortable using it. This towel has gone through a lot of trials and errors. Scientists and engineers from MIT and other renowned universities have come up with this towel that uses the unique color-changing technology to detect bacteria.

Build Quality

It is made of natural extracts and Xinjiang cotton fabric. The pure natural silver prevents 99% of bacterial growth, making the towel safe to use. This cotton is water absorbent. It is light and airy and has proprietary technology to dry up quickly, leaving very little scope for bacteria to grow. It has twisted yarn weave which reduces dry time and promotes oxygen circulation. As a result, you won’t get any musty smell. It has natural cleaning silver fibers that warn you by changing color when dirt builds up. 

It is made with soft water which is found in Imabari, Japan. The soft water makes it very soft. It is also easy to clean. It is made with Japanese craftsmanship, so you won’t have to worry about its quality.

Mizu Towel
Mizu Towel


You can get a hand towel, bath towel, and baby towel. The size of the hand towel is 30″ by 20’’, bath towel is 56’’ by 30’’, and baby towel is 8’’ by 8’’. The size of this towel is larger than a normal bath or hand towel. Still, it is perfect to carry in your gym bag when you go for a workout or swimming.


The Mizu towel is made of Xinjiang Cotton, which is the world’s most luxurious cotton. It gives great comfort and is very soft. The twisted yarn weave provides the maximum softness. As it is oversized, it gives full coverage and provides comfort. Unlike other towels in the market, this towel is made with soft water which is very effective in absorbing water and keeping the towel soft. So, you will feel very comfortable using it.


  • It is a smart towel that changes color when bacteria are detected. So, you will know when to wash and when to stop using it any longer.
  • It dries up 3 times faster than the average towel.
  • It absorbs fast and holds 5 times the weight in water.
  • The color of the stripes changes showing impurities like bacteria, oil, sweat, residual soap, etc. So, you will know when to wash your towel. 
  • It is soft and durable as it is made of Xinjiang fabric.
  • Its infusion with nature silver can prevent 99% of bacterial growth.
  • It is made with soft water which doesn’t make the towel rough after use; it always remains soft.
  • It is designed and made by a team of scientists and engineers from MIT and other renowned universities. The team also includes thought leaders from Forbes’s premiere 30 Under 30.
  • It is durable and you will be able to use it for a long time.
  • Using this towel will keep you safe from germs and prevent lots of diseases.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is made with Japanese craftsmanship.
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  • You get it in only two colors.
  • The design is too simple.
  • It is only found in three sizes. 

Final Verdict

This towel is designed to keep you clean and safe. Its natural silver-coated fibers can eliminate 99% of bacterial growth. It is woven in such a way that it gets maximum exposure to the air and so dries up quickly. It is made of Xinjiang cotton that makes it super soft. It is made using the crafting methods that are native to Imabari, Japan which is renowned for making the world’s softest towels. Many celebrities and royalties travel to Imabari to get a customized version of this towel.

The good thing about the Mizu towel is that you will get royal quality at an affordable price. This towel can stay clean and fresh for a long time. If you are someone who sweats a lot, this towel is for you. This towel will help you to maintain a hygienic routine all the time.

The company is sincere about society. It has raised more than $730,000 through crowdfunding and so, you know how big the company’s dream is. Made from Japanese craftsmanship, this towel will give you everything; softness, comfort, the right size, and freshness. Most importantly, it is a great towel to maintain proper hygiene as it will keep bacteria away and prevent diseases. So, get your Mizu towel today and experience what it is like using a smart towel for good living.

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