RanbooLive Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Biography, Family, Facts

RanbooLive Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Biography, Family, Facts
RanbooLive Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 70 kg
Date of Birth December 27, 2003
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hair Color Blonde

RanbooLive is an American social media personality, Twitch streamer, YouTube star, gaming personality, and content creator who has shot to fame with his Minecraft content. He started his Twitch career in September 2020 and that has also helped him gain a huge social media fan base.



RanbooLive as seen in October 2020
RanbooLive as seen in October 2020 (RanbooLive / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

United States





Social Media Personality, Twitch Streamer, YouTube Star, Gaming Personality, Content Creator



RanbooLive in October 2020
RanbooLive in October 2020 (RanbooLive / Instagram)


6 ft or 183 cm


70 kg or 154.5 lbs

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Distinctive Features

  • Lanky physique
  • Has kept his face covered under sunglasses and a face mask
RanbooLive in November 2020
RanbooLive in November 2020 (RanbooLive / Instagram)

RanbooLive Favorite Things

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RanbooLive Facts

  1. He has owned a Discord server named “Ranboo’s No-Crime Cult!”.
  2. On January 30, 2020, he joined YouTube with his channel titled “Ranboo” and it has accrued more than 1.5 million subscribers.
  3. The first video that was uploaded on his YouTube channel on August 14, 2020, was titled “I decided to play skywars, it was a nightmare”.
  4. Some other videos on his YouTube channel have been titled “I beat Minecraft with just a pickaxe, here’s how it went.”, “I had to beat the enderdragon with a piece of steak… (Stream highlights!)”, “How I became the most HATED person in build battle… (Stream Highlights)”, “How i got to 10k subs in 2 weeks. (I talk about my youtube story while punching people on hypixel)”, “I played MY OWN Minecraft Championship parkour…”, “RANBOO DOING WELL AT THE GAME??”, “I went insane on Twitter in front of 5000 followers…”, and “I hit people with a pickaxe to establish dominance”.
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Featured Image by RanbooLive / Instagram

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