Where is Karen Carpenter’s husband Thomas James Burris today? His wiki, net worth, death, obituary, still alive

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Who is Thomas James Burris?

Thomas James Burris was born in USA; the actual place and date of his birth have not been revealed to the public. Although he is a real estate developer, Thomas is probably best recognized for being the husband of the late famous musician Karen Carpenter, from 1980 to 1983.

Would you like to know more about James’ career and married life with Karen Carpenter? Is he still alive? Where is he today? How rich is he, as of now? If you’re interested, stay tuned.

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Is he still alive? Where is he today?

If you wondered is Thomas James Burris still alive, the answer is yes. However, since the death of his wife Karen, he has remained out of the media spotlight. In his last interview, Thomas was having a lot of problems with his own career, while his wife was dealing with serious health issues. He has never expressed his sorrow over her passing. Moreover, he stated that they were really lovely couple, caring for each other, until they started moving down separate paths.

Life before Fame

When it comes to speak about his early life, parents and education, there is no available information about that in the media. It is only known that he spent some time pursuing a career in the business industry as a real estate developer, which helped him to increase his net worth.

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Thomas had already been married and divorced before he met Karen, from which he has a son, who was 18 years old at the time when he married Karen.

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Popularity through Marriage

Thomas James Burris’ achieved a type of fame – some would say eventually notoriety – through his marriage to Karen Carpenter. The two met at a dinner in Ma Maison restaurant in 1980, started dating. and the same year tied the knot at their wedding ceremony on the 31st August of 1980, in the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California.

Karen’s Death

Subsequently, it turned out that the marriage was a huge mistake for Karen, as they couldn’t have children – she didn’t know that her (future) husband Thomas wasn’t able to provide her with children as he had undergone a vasectomy, until finding out just days before the two married. She was very affected and shocked because she desparately wanted to become a mother. At the same time, he was apparently very cruel to her, calling her a “bag of bones”. So, it did not last long until she decided to file for divorce. All of these problems in their relationship led Karen to death, as she started suffering from anorexia, an eating disorder which caused a lot of complications in her body, including eventually heart failure. She did not manage to recover, and passed away on the 4th February of 1983, in Downey, California, at the time when they were finalizing the divorce.

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Karen Carpenter Short Wiki

Karen Anne Carpenter was born on the 2nd March 1950, in New Haven, Connecticut USA and was a famous musician, singer and drummer, probably best recognized for being the co-founder of the duo called The Carpenters in 1969, alongside her brother Richard Carpenter. The duo became very successful as they released ten singles and nine albums which became gold, and won three Grammy Awards. They recorded such hit singles as “Close To You”, “Goodbye To Love”, “Rainy Days And Mondays” and “Yesterday Once More”, among many others. Thanks to her accomplishments in the music industry, Karen was named as one of the 100 greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Thomas James Burris Net Worth

To talk about his net worth, there is no information in the media about Thomas’ career, so we do not have any information about his wealth. We can assume that he shared the net worth of his wife during their brief marriage, due to the fact that his luxurious way of life caused a huge financial loss to Karen, as he spent almost the whole amount of her money to the point that she had only a few stocks left. However, before her death Karen changed her will to leave everything she owned to her family, so he didn’t inherit anything.

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