Who is Adam Thielen Wife? His wife is not just a mom, but also a blogger

Who is American football wide receiver Adam Thielen Wife? Explore His Wife Career along with her Relationship
Who is American football wide receiver Adam Thielen Wife? Explore His Wife Career along with her Relationship

Adam Thielen, American football wide receiver. Currently, he plays for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. After playing football at Minnesota State University, he signed with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2013.

Who is Adam Thielen Wife?

American football wide receiver, Adam Thielen’s wife’s name is Caitlin Thielen. The couple met in 2011 for the first through a mutual friend. Similarly, the couple has dated for more than 2 years before their marriage. On May 23th 2015, they exchanged wedding vows or tie a knot.

Adam Thielen with his wife and kids
Caption: Adam Thielen with his wife and kids (Photo: Instagram)

In the wedding ceremony, there is in the presence of their friends and family with was held luxuriously. From their married life, the couple shared two children both sons. The couple welcomed their first son Asher John Thielen was born on October 11, 2016. In January 2019, the couple blessed with younger son  Hudson James Thielen.

The husband and wife seem to be happy with the relationship after exploring their social accounts. Similarly, the couple regularly spotted spending their free time together with their kids. Caitlin also regularly attends Adam’s game to cheer him up.

Who is His Wife?

Adam’s wife Caitlin is a lifestyle blogger. She is the stunning wife of American football wide receiver. His wife also played Division 1 soccer at Iowa State University during her college. Her friend introduced them to each other while playing football.

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Adam Thielen, American football wide receiver
Caption: Adam Thielen, American football wide receiver (Photo: Instagram)

She was born on September 27, 1991, in Appleton, Minnesota to parents’ Jim and Brenda Graboski. She has two siblings brothers Ryan and Brent. By nationality, she is American and belongs to the white ethnic groups.

She is a graduate of Woodbury High School located in Woodbury, Minnesota. After that, she joined Iowa State and subsequently transferred to  Minnesota State.IN her college days she was an avid athlete. She had played for the Minnesota Mavericks as a midfielder. She studied communications disorders and speech pathology.

Not just a Former footballer and mom, but also a blogger

She is not just a former footballer who is a former midfielder for Minnesota Mavericks. In her college days, she was an avid athlete. IN her post she writes

“truly excited to share with all of you how normal our family really is”.

Adam Thielen's photo while he is traning
Caption: Adam Thielen’s photo while he is training (Photo: Instagram)

Also, she describes herself as “not the greatest writer” and asks the reader to bare with her. She generously shares all kinds of facts about herself. For example, she tells us her favorite foods are buffalo wings, pizza, and popcorn. However, she mentions her addiction to working out too. She explains it’s

“mainly so she can eat sweets”. Usually, she works out six out of seven days.

She watched a lot of television shows and names many of them in her blog. In her blog, she mentioned her favorite is Teen Mom and The Bachelor series. She sleeps with a retainer every night. It helps her retain a good dental form and structure.

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Caitlin has a permanent retainer on the bottom and has worn one on the top since she was fourteen. She took care of children as a nanny and babysitter while she grew up. Caitlin says children have always been a passion of hers.

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