Who is Merri Kelly Hannity? Her Bio, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Sibling

Merri Kelly Hannity
Merri Kelly Hannity

A celebrity kid Merri Kelly Hannity who is famous as the daughter of Sean Hannity, a well-known TV host, and political commentator. She seems to be on the right track as she is a promising tennis player, as well as doing well in school.

Merri Kelly Hannity entered this earth in 2002 – the specific date and place of her birth aren’t known to the media. Her age is 17 years old.  As we already mansion that she is the daughter of Sean Hannity (father) and Jill Rhodes (mother).

Merri Kelly Hannity
Caption: Merri Kelly Hannity with her mother and brother (Source: pinimg)

Her father is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator and mother is an American journalist. Further, she has an older brother named Patrick (1999) as her siblings. She is of Irish ethnicity and American nationality.


Since her early childhood, she has been playing tennis. She has worked with over the years and has honored her tenacious attitude and mental toughness. Since she is very diligent and works hard in training as she can give energetic performances when she steps out onto the court.

Merri Kelly Hannity
Caption: Merri Kelly Hannity, (Source: affairpost)

For example, she ran to get to the tennis finals in Nassau since from October 2016. At that time, she was in 9th grade while she representing the team Cold Spring Harbor. It continues to be seen if her abilities will get her with the professional WTA players in the future.

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Her Father Career

Her father began his career by working in a restaurant. Later he worked as a contractor. Then he was fired from his first radio host job at a college station in Santa Barbara, CA. It was because of allegedly encouraging the guest to utter inflammatory racist remarks. Subsequently, he joined a radio station in Huntsville, Alabama.

In the year 1996, he worked at Fox News where he got a show with Alan Colmes. At that time, Alan Colmes departed in 2008 and the show was named Hannity. He has penned three books on politics. After that, he worked as a host on Television in Fox News, Hannity & Colmes program. Then he also co-hosted this show with Alan Colmes.

Merri Kelly Hannity
Caption: Merri Kelly Hannity’s Father (Source: nbcnews)

Besides, he also worked on the radio. At that time, he used to talk about opinions and ideology related to current issues and politicians. After that, there was a show named The Sean Hannity Show where he hosts the show. The show was started in 2001 and it was such a hit that in 2009 with ABC channel. Likewise, he received a $25 million five-year contract for the extension of his show.

Her father Net Worth & Salary

Since Merry Kelly earns from winning her tennis matches. However, her father Hannity has an annual income of $36 million. Of course, the majority of those funds come from his work in the media industry.

However, he is not only a political commentator and a TV personality; he is also a writer who has written three best-selling books on politics, the topics of which center around liberalism, anti-terrorism campaigns, with all containing a strong anti-Obama message. According to the sources the estimated net worth of Hannity is around $80 million as of 2019.

Her Parents’ Personal Life

No, Merri Kelly is not a married woman. She thoroughly focused on her tennis career. She searches for other activities only result in a bunch of photos of her playing her favorite sport. Her parents are trying to keep her daughter away from the spotlight.

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The whole family nowadays resides in Long Island, New York, leading a relatively peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. Although admittedly Sean frequently experiences verbal attacks from people who have opposing political opinions. Also, he hasn’t reported any serious threats to his or his family’s health and well being.

Merri Kelly Hannity
Caption: Merri Kelly Hannity with her family (Source: Pinterest)

Her Parents married in 1993. Likewise, the couple has two children as a son named Patrick Hannity born 1999 and as a daughter named Merri Kelly Hannityborn in 2002. Their father loves to play tennis with his kids and the foursome form a lovely complete family, except for the occasional rumor of Splitsville which does the round.

Rumors and Controversy/Scandal

Her father Hannity has been subjected to several controversies. Likewise, his ideas and ideologies have clashed with those of his show guests. He had drifted voter fraud theories in the 2016 elections. At that time, he was over-enthusiastic about the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Then he had switched his positions on the WikiLeaks incident. After that, he had repeatedly raised doubts about Obama’s citizenship.

He spread false lies about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential elections. In the year 2016, rumors had surfaced that he and his boss would be leaving Fox News. But rumors of split-up with his wife of 23 years also went wild in 2016. It has been claimed in 2008 that Hannity is bisexual who has had sex with his male friend Hal Turner.

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He has been identified as a Hard-hearted hypocrite by many. Also, he has been criticized often for his ways of presentation and journalism. He is also at war with the other political figures and audience over Twitter. There was advice that he disappeared from Twitter. At that time, he faced a barrage of ridicule for swiftly backtracking on the insistence. But later that story was not true.

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